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Mountcharles, historically Tawnaghtallan (Irish: Tamhnach an tSalainn, meaning "field of the salt"), is a quiet village in County Donegal, Ireland. It lies 6 km from Donegal town just off the N56 (the main road to Killybegs road. Mountcharles is a fine village perched on hillside over Donegal Bay.

The village is named for its founder, Charles Conyngham, an ancestor of the current Lord Conyngham (frequently, if inaccurately, known as 'Lord Henry Mountcharles') of Slane Castle, County Meath. Charles Conyngham is credited with building the village in the 17th century. The Conyngham estate and its large estate house (Hall Demesne), close to the village, are now unoccupied. The courtesy title of the heir apparent of The Marquess Conyngham is Earl of Mount Charles, being named after the village.

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