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Port na Bláiche, meaning, depending on translation, either 'port of the flowers' or 'harbour of the buttermilk', from the rough seas in the area. Portnablagh is a small village in County Donegal, Ireland. Portnablagh (also written in English as Port-na-Blagh) is located on Donegal's North West coast, specifically the west side of Sheephaven Bay. It is on the N56 road.

Portnablagh, along with neighbouring Dunfanaghy, is well known for its beaches and picturesque harbour. It attracts many tourists, mostly from Northern Ireland, every summer.

The small harbour is well protected on 3 sides and has a relatively short slipway which gets frequent use by fishing and pleasure boat owners, particularly during summer months. It provides access for boat owners to a large number of beaches in Sheephaven Bay, many of which are only accessible on foot or by sea.

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