Locality Information

Redcastle can be found on the eastern side of Lough Foyle about 16 kilometres from the City of Derry. To the south you will find Quigley's Point and Muff and to the north villages of Moville and further on Greencastle.

There are fine views across the Foyle to Northern Ireland and you can avail of the ferry from Greencastle to Magilligan (takes about 15 minutes).

Redcastle in on the Inishowen peninsula which situated in the northernmost part of Ireland. It is bordered to the north by the Atlantic Ocean, to the east by Lough Foyle, and to the west by Lough Swilly. It is joined at the south to the rest of County Donegal, the part known as Tír Conaill.

Due to its geography, Inishowen usually has relatively more moderate weather conditions, with temperatures slightly lower than other parts of Ireland in summer, and slightly warmer in winter, especially during periods of extended cold weather.

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