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Please read the following information carefully as it sets out the Terms and Conditions on which Donegal Cottage will provide its holiday home advertisement, rental and holiday information services "DonegalCottage.com" to you and explains what you may and may not do with DonegalCottage.com or your holiday home listing. DonegalCottage.com is owned by Donegal Cottage

By registering to use our services you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, Rules and by our Privacy Policy.


2. Definition of Terms & Conditions

"Agreement" means the agreement between Us and You for the provision of the Services incorporating the Terms and Conditions set out below, the registration form displayed and completed on-line and any disclaimers, conditions, guidelines or rules applying to any of the Services and which together form the entire agreement between You and Us for the Services and also incorporating the Privacy Policy and all other Terms & Conditions or similar statements that may appear on this website.

"Information" means the visual, textual or other information published or otherwise made available (directly or indirectly) on the Internet by virtue of your Internet Access, which you receive and if applicable, make available or otherwise send to someone else.

"Internet" means the global data network comprising interconnected networks using TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol including but without limitation services known as the World Wide Web.

"Internet Access" means the service provided by US whereby you can gain access to the Internet together with email capability.

"Us/We" means Donegal Cottage

"You" means the user.


3. Description of DonegalCottage.com

DonegalCottage.com provides clients with unlimited Internet Access to DonegalCottage.com, which allows the purchasing of credits, listing of holiday homes, holiday destination information and rental facilitation services found on our website. These Terms & Conditions apply equally to such unregistered clients.


4. Registering to use DonegalCottage.com Services

The details, which you provide on registration, are important and must be true and accurate. If there are any changes to these details, please amend them by emailing us the new details. In consideration of you being allowed to register as a client of DonegalCottage.com, you agree:

(a) that all information you provide in order to register as a client (Client Information) shall be true, accurate and up to date.

(b) that you will not impersonate any other person or entity or use a false name.


5. Password and Security

On completion of a website you will be given generic usernames and passwords. You are responsible for the security and proper use of this password and any other data required to access your new website. You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the password is kept confidential and is not disclosed to anybody else. You agree to notify us immediately if you forget your password or it is misused.

You are responsible for ensuring that no unauthorised access is obtained to the Services through your Account. You will be entirely liable for all activities conducted through your Account whether authorised by You or not until You have notified Us of such unauthorised use and We have stopped access to your Account.

If we have reason to believe that there is likely to be a breach of security or misuse of the Services we may suspend your Account and notify you accordingly.


6. DonegalCottage.com Services

DonegalCottage.com will provide its clients professional holiday home/let listing services. The service that DonegalCottage.com provides may be used by individuals and businesses.

When using our services, you may not send spam (unsolicited email) including but not limited to junk mail, or other electronic message chain letters, or other unsolicited bulk email, commercial or otherwise from it. DonegalCottage.com may terminate your access to the Services at its discretion at any time without notice if it determines that you have violated the terms of this Agreement. DonegalCottage.com may immediately upon termination delete any relevant files or data in your account and bar any further access to such files or the Service.

DonegalCottage.com will not monitor or disclose any personal or address information unless required by law, regulation, court order, or legitimate administrative purpose.

Personal Use: Your right to list your holiday let with us allows you to list in a way personal to you. However breaching our listing rules will result in removal of the listing. Please guard your account password, as you are liable for all uses of your account, including any unauthorised use.

Any material and/or data you access, view or download or otherwise obtain through the Services comes at your own discretion and risk. You will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer systems or loss of data.


7. Use of the Services

For Internet Access you understand that all Information whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, is the sole responsibility of the person from which such Information has originated. This means that you and not DonegalCottage.com are entirely responsible for all Information that you upload, or otherwise transmit via Internet Access.

The Services enable access to content which is protected by copyright, trademark and other relevant proprietary and intellectual property rights. You shall use the Services and the Content for private and personal use only and not for any commercial purposes or in a way that infringes the Terms and Conditions and comply with all other instructions or specific licence terms regarding the use of these Services and the Content.

You shall not reproduce, convert, transfer, store, modify, transmit, distribute, broadcast, or publish any part of the Content in any form or by any means, including mechanical, electronic, photocopying and record other than for an Approved Use, or with the prior written permission (and in accordance with the specified requirements) of DonegalCottage.com and the individual contributors. The re-selling, copying or incorporation into any other work of part or all of the material available on the Services in any form is prohibited save that you may print or download extracts of the material on this site for your personal information only.

In order to purchase credits from DonegalCottage.com then you must have a valid PayPal account or a valid credit or debit card. We accept most major cards.


8. Limitation of liability

Donegal Cottage will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that DonegalCottage.com is fully operational at all times. However, due to the nature of interactive services and the Internet generally, Donegal Cottage cannot guarantee that DonegalCottage.com will be free from delays, interruptions or errors.

Due to the fact that Donegal Cottage cannot guarantee that DonegalCottage.com will be fault free, does not vouch for goods or services which may be offered to users who access DonegalCottage.com, Donegal Cottage does not accept any liability for any damage or loss suffered by you (whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive or consequential loss (including loss of profits) arising as a result of the DonegalCottage.com service or the information contained therein (including any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in such information or any faults, interruptions or delays in connection with the DonegalCottage.com Service) or any transaction made in connection with DonegalCottage.com or in reliance on DonegalCottage.com. [We exclude all liability whether in contract, tort, including liability for negligence, incidental or consequential damages and or loss (including without limitation loss of profits, loss of use or loss of data) suffered by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of or in connection with material on DonegalCottage.com.]

We exclude all liability for any loss, damage or cost incurred by You in the event that we cannot do what we have promised in the Agreement because of something beyond our reasonable control such as technical failure, lightning, flood or exceptionally severe weather fire or explosion, civil disorder, war, or military operations, or natural or local emergency.


9. Indemnity

You are responsible for any claims or legal obligations arising from your use of any of the Services under this Agreement (including, but not limited to claims in respect of defamation, breach of copyright or other intellectual property right infringement) which are brought or threatened against by Us or by another person and shall ensure we suffer no loss accordingly.


10. Suspension and Termination of DonegalCottage.com

Donegal Cottage will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that DonegalCottage.com is fully operational at all times. However, due to the nature of interactive services and the Internet generally, Donegal Cottage cannot guarantee that DonegalCottage.com will be free from delays, interruptions or errors.

Your access to DonegalCottage.com may occasionally be interrupted or restricted to allow for repairs or maintenance to be carried out or the introduction of new facilities or services. Donegal Cottage will endeavour to restore the DonegalCottage.com service as soon as possible. Donegal Cottage may modify DonegalCottage.com at any time with or without notice.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate forthwith your right to use DonegalCottage.com if we have reason to believe that any registration information you have provided is untrue or inaccurate. We also reserve the right to change your password or to suspend or terminate forthwith your right to use DonegalCottage.com if we have reason to believe that your password is being misused.

Donegal Cottage may restrict, suspend or terminate your use of DonegalCottage.com if it believes that you have breached these Terms and Conditions at any time. The suspension or termination of DonegalCottage.com will be without prejudice to any rights, which Donegal Cottage may have against you, in respect of your breach of this Agreement.


11. Modification of Terms and Conditions

We may modify this Agreement at any time, such modifications becoming effective immediately upon posting of the modified Agreement on the DonegalCottage.com website. By continuing to use Services following notification of a change you will be deemed to have accepted such modifications.

Donegal Cottage assumes no obligation and shall bear no responsibility for maintaining the information on DonegalCottage.com in an up to date state, and shall not be liable for any failure to so maintain.


12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom & Ireland and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the British & Irish courts.

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